Summer School : Generalized Curvature

EPFL — September 3-7, 2018

The goal of this school is to give an introduction for non experts to several contemporary  notions of curvatures for metric spaces.

Over the last few decades, there has been intense research on various notions of curvature for non-smooth spaces. The aim of this school is to introduce some aspects of generalized curvatures on metric spaces, graphs, and polyhedra.
The following subjects will be covered: Lipschitz-Killing curvatures, discrete conformal maps, spectral theory of graphs, metric spaces with bounded curvature and surfaces with bounded integral curvature in the sense of Alexandrov.
Besides the main courses,  several talks by researchers active in the domain of the school will be given.
The target audience for this school are  PhD students in mathematics and postdocs interested in (differential and metric) geometry and related subjects. Due to its broad scope the school might also attract some senior researchers. 
Organizers:Marc Troyanov (EPFL) and Ivan Izmestiev (Fribourg)
Note that the subject of generalized curvatures is very broad and very active nowadays. Given the limited scope of the school,  some important curvature notions such as the Ricci curvature inequalities based on optimal transport and  gradient flow entropy or curvature in Carnot-Caratheodory spaces will not be covered.

We are thankful to the following institutions for their support: